Smart Fluid Systems

Water Pipes

Tight installation spaces and high-power density lead to high temperatures in units such as the engine and turbocharger. Dissipating this heat efficiently is the task of the cooling water. Since we have a vast portfolio of materials and heat protection agents, COHLINE always has an appropriate solution for you, no matter what challenges you face (e.g., high media temperature, radiant heat or media resistance). We are pleased to partner with you, to find your perfect solution.


Cooling of electronic components is becoming increasingly important as e-mobility advances. COHLINE supplies suitable and cost-effective solutions, e.g. for battery or control unit cooling.

Coolant-water mixtures are used in vehicles to dissipate heat from diverse heat sources and supply it to other points, such as the interior heating system. Excess heat is conducted to the vehicle radiator, which is located in the front end. Via the radiator, through which the air flow passes, the cooled coolant is returned to the engine system.

The coolant is transported between the individual units and components by means of pipes which, depending on the application requirements, can be made of various material mixtures. Pipe parts are usually made of aluminium. For hotter applications, stainless steel pipes are used, and for lower temperatures, plastic pipes. Tolerance and movement compensation of the components is ensured either by hose components or by the geometry of the components. We also use different materials for the hoses (EPDM, VMQ, PTFE), depending on the pressure and temperature application. In addition, the components can be protected from heat radiation by heat protection hoses, heat protection mats or heat protection sheets, which are applied to the lines.