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COHLINE invests in young people

Mastering challenges together: Start your apprenticeship or dual study programme at COHLINE

No matter whether you decide on a dual study programme or vocational training at COHLINE - we are ready for you and can hardly wait to get to know you. In addition to our supportive team, your future fellow trainees and students are also waiting for you. In collaboration with them, you will work on great projects and learn a lot. Furthermore, we pay great attention to the interaction of theory and practice – by doing so you get the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in real life business cases and develop your own solutions. Of course, our instructors are always there to help with any questions you may have.

Internship at COHLINE

You are attending school and want to gain practical experience in a company? With COHLINE, interns get involved in the ongoing work process and gain an insight into various areas of work by working on specific projects.

COHLINE offers a wide range of apprenticeship training positions

With an apprenticeship at COHLINE you receive the best prerequisites to take your professional future and thus your life into your own hands. We offer a variety of interesting activities for which we require well-trained specialists. Are you flexible, enthusiastic and able to act on your own initiative?

Then COHLINE is the right place for you!

We offer interested women and men with good school-leaving qualifications a secure apprenticeship with good prospects. Depending on your qualifications, we have an attractive range of future-oriented apprenticeships with interesting opportunities for further training at our various locations.

  • Management assistant for office management
  • Industrial clerk
  • Toolmaker
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Technical product designer

Sandra Ernst



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Rafael Walisko



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Rafael Walisko, Company Trainer in the technical area

"I like being a company trainer because I enjoy accompanying, encouraging and supporting young people on their way through their apprenticeship!"

"I have been a trainer for the industrial-technical professions since May 2018. I really enjoy working with young people, because it is a great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and professional skills, which I have acquired in more than 20 professional years at COHLINE. I myself started my apprenticeship as a tool mechanic in August 2000 at COHLINE and even then I had a lot of fun learning this profession. I look forward to each new trainee, especially regarding their development, which can be seen within a very short time."

Sandra Ernst, Commercial Trainer

"It is always a pleasure for me to accompany young people on their professional path."

"I have been a trainer for the commercial professions for several years. It is always a pleasure for me to accompany young people on their professional path. I have been with the company for more than 30 years and am still enthusiastic about it."