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History of COHLINE

"The little things lead to perfection. However, perfection is not a little thing."


Cohline was founded in 1932 in Germany, following an opportunity for its founder, Hans Cohnen, involving the repair of glow plugs on early vehicles. From glow plugs, the company rapidly moved to solving the engineering issues faced by the transmission of fluids around a vehicle and began working with the vehicle manufacturers of the day to help solve the problems with oil, fuel and water transmission.


The situation came to a head during World War II, in 1944. Therefore, Hans Cohnen decided to move to Dillenburg in Hesse. He took along his most important machines and materials to continue production for the truck industry.


New technologies were introduced due to a high demand in the 50’s. COHNEN took advantage of the aforementioned technology shift and specialized in media-carrying lines. By doing so COHNEN became an important supplier of hose assemblies for the most famous automotive manufacturers.


The company’s growth continued and in the 1960’s a second production site in Montabaur was established. Today, this production site is an independent sister company.


In 1970, Wolfgang Cohnen succeeded his father and led the company to become a modern industrial enterprise. Through the use of new types of connections in production, the expansion continued and numerous innovations were patented. This strengthened the company's position as a supplier. The automotive industry was developing rapidly and COHNEN seized the opportunity to consolidate its place in the market. The big change came with the company's own development of solutions for diverse line systems from injection lines to hydraulic couplings.


In 1989 COHNEN became an international employer by building another site in Manston (England). Thereby COHNEN became COHLINE GmbH, as it is known today.


In 2008, the management of the COHLINE group was taken over by Mrs. Gabriele Cohnen-Andres.


The production site in Chodov (Czech Republic) focused its production on polyamide pipes and the assembly of complete line components made of polyamide, abbreviated PA, with the help of rotation welding.


In 2013, the production site in Lipova (Romania) was built. The manufacturing focus in Lipova is on hose line systems, but also on aluminium and stainless-steel brazing. With an ambition of growth, COHLINE constantly expands its manufacturing facilities with additional equipment.


Since January 2022, Mr. Bauer and Dr. Picken have been officially appointed as managing directors for the Montabaur site in addition to Dr. Korbach.

As an expert and leading manufacturer of pipe and hose line systems in the application areas of cooling, oil supply, fuel, turbochargers and hydraulics, the family-owned company employs more than 950 people.

Quality is still the main priority at COHLINE GmbH, as confirmed by the numerous certifications. This corporate philosophy is appreciated by the nationally and internationally based clientele of the automotive, commercial vehicle, construction and agricultural machinery industries as well as the largest automotive manufacturers worldwide.