Smart Fluid Systems

COHLINE GmbH Management

As management of the COHLINE group, our main task is to guide the company into a successful and sustainable future. Therefore, we constantly try to refine the COHLINE DNA, which consists of customer orientation, employee loyalty, innovative product solutions and reliability since the company was founded in 1932.

Since the establishment of the company, COHLINE is a family-owned business, which should retain its independence in the future. To achieve this aim, the company requires to be consistently focused on sustainable and positive earnings. To realize this aim, a variety of factors are crucial: customer orientation, transparency in processes, the willingness to constantly develop further, clear structures, flexibility, efficient processes, agile thinking and action, operational excellence, strategic partnerships both on the customer and supplier side, and our skilled employees along the value chain.

At the same time, we are - especially now - facing a variety of challenges due to a volatile market environment, a system change in vehicle drive technology, and social and cultural challenges in the globalized world.

We can only achieve the goal of shaping COHLINE in a sustainable and positive manner by working together!

Alexander Eckhardt

Managing Director Engineering Dillenburg

Dr. Ludger Picken

Managing Director Commercial Dillenburg & Montabaur

Tobias Bauer

Managing Director Organization Dillenburg & Montabaur