Smart Fluid Systems

Sandra Ernst

Dear Sandra, how long have you been working at COHLINE?

"It will be 39 years in August 2022."

What are the main activities of your current job in purchasing?

"In purchasing, processing orders is my main activity. In addition to that, I take care of commercial training as an instructor."

What connects you to the company?

"I have always enjoyed my work in purchasing as well as my function as a commercial trainer. In addition to the work, however, it is also my colleagues with whom I have a very good relationship. Another aspect is the flexibility I experienced after returning from parental leave. COHLINE made it easy for me to return to work. I was able to cut my hours and thus, as a mother, had the opportunity to reconcile family and job."

Frank Born

Dear Frank, due to the pandemic, you have moved to the home office for the most part. How did you perceive this change?

"I worked in a home office for the first time in January 2021 and I consider it as a very good solution, especially during the pandemic. Of course, home office is not possible for every type of job. However, home office is a charming solution for me, since I also work in front of my computer most of the time in the company. Nevertheless, days at the company are important for me, as clarifications on site are absolutely necessary."

Why would you choose Cohline as an employer again?

"I have really enjoyed working in production planning over all these years. COHLINE offers exciting tasks and challenges, which is of course also due to the customers and the industry. Technical change and progress are constantly in demand, which means my work at COHLINE never gets boring."


Eric Drake

Dear Eric, how would you describe your career at COHLINE?

"I started as a production helper in assembly and today I'm employed in our purchasing department."

Why did you never change companies?

"At the beginning, my plan was to stay for only one year and then return to a commercial job. However, my work was always varied and challenging and I always received the opportunity to change within the company and learn something new. So leaving was not an option."

"When colleagues become friends" - is that the case here?

"Yes, that's the way it is here. Sure, we're not all best friends, but I have found a handful of people here who are close to my heart even beyond working hours."

90 years of COHLINE - what does that mean to you?

"Continuity, success, adapting to the signs of the times and striving to make it 100 years and more. We can certainly be called a traditional company. And everyone who is a part of it should be proud of it."


Pascal Borchardt

Dear Pascal, how long have you been on board at COHLINE?

"I have been on board as sales manager since 01 April 2021."

What do you enjoy most about your job at COHLINE and what do you think is special about the company?

"What I truly like are the general conditions of my job. We are currently in extremely volatile times and changes are inevitably necessary. At COHLINE, I have loads of room to drive changes forward together with the management and the other specialist departments. Of course, changes are also accompanied by resistance, that is quite normal. Nevertheless, the organization is increasingly developing into a culture that is grateful for novel ideas. Our employees have the motivation to make a difference. In my two sales departments, for example, this is reflected in a high level of incentive to want to win new orders. We motivate each other, try to pull together, especially when we've come up empty."

Maik Hofheinz

Dear Maik, what excatly has kept you at the same company and in the same department for 24 years?

"I felt at home at COHLINE from day one, and I still do today. I always got along well with my colleagues and I enjoyed my job all these years."

What is your daily work routine like in the production department and what makes it work for you?

"My working day starts at P21 at 06:00 a.m.. First, I find out whether new order cards have been received so that I am able to process them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, my workday consists of various assembly tasks. I stamp and assemble sleeves, install pressing tools, set the correct pressing dimension and then press the parts. In terms of practice, my job is very similar every day, but the different lines make the work varied and fun."