Smart Fluid Systems

Quality & Sustainability

Our claim

COHLINE and quality - one term. Quality determines the way in which we think and act, as well as the way we design, develop, procure, and produce our products and services on a day-to-day basis.

We only compare ourselves with the best to achieve continuous improvement in all areas of the company. Our innovative and creative ability is expressed in dialog with our customers, suppliers and scientific institutions.


Our quality standards are based on customer satisfaction, customer expectations, the value of our company to society, product benefits, and the optimum that is technically and economically feasible.

This means:

  • We apply a zero defects philosophy (defect prevention instead of defect detection).
  • We develop products that offer our customers competitive advantages
  • We involve all employees to assume responsibility for the quality of our products and services.
  • We develop solutions in dialog with our customers for competitive advantage
  • We plan stable and capable manufacturing processes
  • We develop the quality capability of our suppliers

Apart from environmental protection, sustainable development concerns a wide range of issues and must be considered in political, economic, environmental and social areas.

For COHLINE, this means assuming our national as well as international responsibility and creating an innovative, resource-conserving, open and appreciative corporate culture. This culture consists of numerous facets. It integrates and does not exclude, it creates opportunities as well as equality on all levels. For this reason, environmental protection, tolerance, anti-discrimination and equality are fundamental principles of our sustainability concept.


The automotive industry is going through a transformation of unprecedented magnitude, which can have a great impact on climate. Therefore, we believe it is essential to use resources in a responsible manner. To meet this challenge, we want to implement a climate-neutral production by 2035. As a medium-sized company with regional roots and an international orientation, we feel a shared responsibility for coming generations.

For this reason, we are further expanding our COHpure sustainability concept and thus contributing to the positive change in our climate.


By using resources sparingly, we contribute to the demands of our customers and society to protect the common environment. We are committed to fulfil our binding obligations and continuously improve our environmental performance (e.g. legal and regulatory requirements).

This means

  • We aim to continuously decrease the environmental impacts arising from our operations.
  • We want to avoid or reduce harmful impacts, such as waste, sewage, and emissions
  • We want to save resources such as water and energy
  • We deploy the utmost care in handling hazardous materials that cannot be replaced for technical reasons, in order to prevent accidents that could be harmful to the environment
  • We maintain our facilities and processes, we are keeping order and promote cleanliness at the workplace and throughout the company


  • Quality starts with every employee
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are achieved through the overall performance of all our employees


  • Each employee contributes to the quality of our products and services through his or her personal performance
  • Every employee and every activity are fundamental to the quality in our company
  • This attitude runs like a thread through the entire company.
  • Especially our managers play a critical role in this process through their function as role models
  • Not only the final purchaser is regarded as our customer. However, every supplier and every employee, with whom we cooperate and to whom we want to provide a high-quality service, are regarded as customers.


  • By setting up an integrated quality management system, we have created the technical and organizational prerequisites for meeting our quality requirements.
  • Quality awareness must be deepened and enforced through constant information and motivation, as well as in the form of employee training and continuous education programmes.


  • COHLINE GmbH is a company of performance-oriented people. Our ambition: Together we can achieve more.
  • We see the future as an interesting challenge and use our strengths to successfully shape it.
  • The quality of our products and services requires the trust of our customers. The joint performance secures our jobs and the existence of the company.
  • Our motivation to implement this policy of high quality into our daily work, will determine our reputation and thus the good name for our products and services.
  • High-quality, price-conscious, up-to-date products and services, produced on schedule and in an environmentally conscious manner, as well as flexible adaptation to external requirements, are our way into the future.
  • Quality has a long tradition at COHLINE GmbH. Through our comprehensive quality management, we want to maintain and expand the trust of COHLINE customers, in order to remain successful in the COHLINE markets in the long term and to open up new markets.