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New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA)

In times of constant change, one of the most crucial tasks of companies is to create a contemporary and future-oriented working environment. COHLINE has taken up this challenge. Therefore, together with the consultants of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, we are continuously developing the COHLINE organizational culture to become a future-oriented working environment. As part of this, we have defined a total of 22 projects from the areas of leadership, equal opportunities & diversity, health, knowledge, and competence, with the aim to understand change not only as a challenge, but especially as an opportunity.

We successfully completed the first phase of the "Sustainable Corporate Culture" audit of the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA), for which we received the entry certificate of the programme from the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. IHK Chief Executive Burghard Loewe praised our participation in the forward-looking programme.

How exactly did the INQA project work at COHLINE?

The INQA project was based on a detailed employee survey, whereby the selection of our projects was largely determined by the ideas and suggestions of our employees. Based on this, an interdisciplinary INQA project team, consisting of more than 15 employees from all levels of the company, identified a total of 22 relevant projects. In cooperation with our INQA consultant, responsibilities were assigned and project plans written.

Today the INQA project has been running for more than two years and the results are impressive!

In addition to the improvement of our knowledge management, which benefited from the introduction of key user teams, noticeable improvements were achieved in the areas of workplace ergonomics, leadership culture, the introduction of home office, the advancement of digitization, and the internal flow of information.