Smart Fluid Systems

Alternative Drives & Innovation

Our commitment to innovation extends to the development and production of cutting-edge solutions for both conventional and alternative drive vehicles. In addition, our numerous years of experience in the automotive industry enable us to transfer efficient solutions and processes to other sectors, thus contributing to sustainable, innovative products.

Our core competencies

Automotive industry: drive technologies

Our hose and tube solutions play a decisive role in the success of vehicles with conventional and alternative drive systems. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies to meet the increasing demands for performance, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Our developments support the automotive industry in successfully implementing innovative drive concepts.

Focus on alternative drives

We offer solutions for

  • BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle)
  • Vehicles with fuel cells
  • Vehicles with hydrogen engines
  • Internal combustion vehicles powered by e-fuels

We are actively exploring new drive technologies and are involved in the development of such systems and the design of new products. Thermal management is particularly important for electrically powered vehicles. Units, components and batteries must be temperature-controlled in order to be operated at an optimum operating temperature. Lines for braking and steering systems are also required. COHLINE offers an extensive product portfolio for this purpose.

Hydrogen as a future driver

As part of the energy transition, hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as an energy source. For example, green hydrogen can be used to operate fuel cells, H2 combustion engines or gas turbines. This is a possible route to climate neutrality, particularly in the commercial vehicle sector or for ship propulsion systems. In the future, hydrogen-powered drive systems could represent an alternative to battery electric vehicles (BEV), including in the passenger car sector. COHLINE develops pipeline systems for the transportation of hydrogen in various drive systems and applications.

Non-automotive sector: cross-industry solutions

Our innovative strength does not end in the automotive sector. By transferring our experience and efficient solutions, we also develop sustainable products outside the automotive sector. Examples of this include agricultural machinery, marine technology and compressors for fuel cells in general.

Focus on innovation

Networking with universities and research institutes

We believe in the power of collaboration. We strengthen our innovation network through intensive partnerships with universities and research institutions. The exchange of knowledge and resources enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments. We rely on:

  • Participating in research projects
  • Carrying out student projects
  • Cooperations
  • ACS - Automotive Center S├╝dwestfalen
  • TeamMIT - Transformation network of the automotive industry in Central Hesse
  • UTS - Chair of Forming Technology Siegen

Interdisciplinary and cross-location

We rely on an interdisciplinary and cross-location innovation concept. Controlled by a superordinate innovation core team, interdisciplinary project teams work on the individual projects.

  • Idea: Collection of innovation potential, derivation of ideas, evaluation and approval of ideas.
  • Concept: Comprehensive analyses and derivation of concepts for the solution, implementation and marketing.
  • Solution: Development and testing of solutions through to the finished product.
  • Market: Creation and fulfillment of customer needs through implementation in procurement, production and logistics, as well as marketing and sales.