Smart Fluid Systems

Fuel Lines

COHLINE has been a supplier for fuel systems on vehicles for more than 40 years. Depending on the requirements, different connection fittings are used for COHLINE fuel lines:

  • specially adapted hose pipe nipples made of various materials
  • rotary valve (Dreharmaturen)
  • plastic valves
  • various connectors

The hose connection is made with specially adapted crimping sleeves in single and multi-row crimping. Spring band, clic and single-ear clamps are also used.

Some design types are shown below:

Line types Ausf├╝hrung
Supply and return lines, as connection between engine and body in various material combinations Pipe / hose line
Fuel lines on the engine side Steel / Stainless steel
Regeneration lines or AKF lines Polyamide tube with hose or metal pipe
Body-fixed lines between tank and engine compartment Polyamide tube with hose or metal pipe

COHLINE offers different types of lines in the field of fuel lines:

  • Fuel lines low pressure
    • Pressure range: 8 bar operating pressure
  • Fuel lines high pressure
    • Pressure range: 350 bar operating pressure
  • Venting/regeneration lines
    • Pressure range: up to 5 bar

By using the latest manufacturing technology, COHLINE develops individual and sophisticated customer solutions.

Fuel line direct injection 350bar, upset sealing cone.

Sensors such as pressure or temperature sensors can be integrated directly into the lines. COHLINE has appropriate ESD workstations for this.

Permeation-optimized hose integration

  • 4-layer hose FPM/ECO/pressure carrier/ECO
  • Leakage rate of the line <1.0x10-4 mbarl/s, test medium: 100% helium, test pressure: 3.8 bar