Smart Fluid Systems

Brake Lines

Hydraulic brake hose lines

From the largest manufacturers in the world to your local garage. COHLINE hydraulic brake lines are manufactured to the highest safety requirements. Designed with an EPDM inner and outer layer with two-layer PET pressure carriers and an SBR+NBR intermediate layer, they are resistant to DOT 3 and DOT 4 and most non-petroleum based brake fluids. They meet the specifications of SAE standard J 1401, FMV SS 106, GB 16897 and DIN ISO 3996. COHLINE's extensive range of hydraulic fittings can be used in all standard vehicles. The fittings are Cr6-free zinc-plated, silver-transparent passivated and conform to EU recommendations 2000/53/EC and 2002/95/EC.

COHLINE manufactures hydraulic brake hoses according to customer specific requirements.

Hydraulic brake hoses must meet high quality and testing standards and are therefore not allowed for self-installation at the end customer.  However, we offer the possibility to purchase COHLINE equipment and to train the handling of self-assembly.

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Brake tube lines

COHLINE brake lines - the safety lines of vehicles.

For original COHLINE brake lines, the highest quality requirements for material and workmanship are a must. COHLINE is certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Our promise to our customers: We develop and produce our products according to an internationally recognized quality and environmental management system.

COHLINE brake tubes type 1035 are double-walled rolled tubes manufactured from a single flat strip, coated inside and outside with a copper coating. In addition, the tubes are coated with an external zinc coating as well as with a PVF plastic. In the salt spray test according to SS DIN 50021, the corrosion protection is 3,300 hours.

The quality of COHLINE brake lines is characterized by pressure stability as well as dimensional accuracy and meets the requirements of DIN 74234. The installation of a brake line must be stress-free. The brake lines are manufactured according to the high quality standards of the German automotive industry.

For our brake pipes we offer suitable, galvanized Cr6-free fittings, which are silver-transparent passivated and conform to the EU recommendation 2000/53/EG and 2002/95/EG.

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