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Reports of our trainees

The first year of training

Gabriel Kelm & Kristina Holstein

"Hello, my name is Gabriel Kelm and I recently started my apprenticeship at Cohline as an industrial clerk. However, after completing my technical high school diploma, I decided to do an apprenticeship rather than going to university, as I personally think it's better to gain professional experience and get started in working life. I deliberately chose Cohline because I have a keen interest in cars. I particularly like the working atmosphere and the relationship between the employees. If there are problems or questions, one is helped immediately."

"My name is Kristina. I am currently in my first year of training at Cohline. After graduating from high school with a major in business, I wanted to put the basic knowledge I had acquired into practice here and expand on it. Since I heard a lot of positive things about Cohline, I finally decided to do the apprenticeship and I my first impression is: the good reputation is beyond doubt! The colleagues are extremely helpful and friendly and you are never left alone with problems. The daily work routine is also varied and exciting, as you work independently on your tasks. During the apprenticeship, you go through different departments, get to know the job and the company very well and understand how all processes are connected. I'm very happy with my decision and hope to have even more positive experiences!"


The second year of training

Anna Werwai

"I am a trainee at COHLINE in my second year of training as an industrial clerk. After graduating from secondary school, I decided on doing an apprenticeship, since I wanted to do something practical and gain some initial work experience. I am currently in my second department and I am thrilled. The job of an industrial clerk is very varied, and I experience this versatility in daily tasks. I particularly like the atmosphere in the company. COHLINE is an enjoyable workplace with great colleagues. I never feel left alone with worries and problems. As I go through the different departments, I get to know my own company and can also take on and carry out tasks independently, which makes the day-to-day work even more interesting."

Louis Weimer

"I am Louis Weimer and I am currently in my second year of training as a tool mechanic at COHLINE.

I personally became enthusiastic about the profession of tool mechanic during an internship. Since I have been in training here, I have learned a multitude of job-related skills, such as how to use a file, hacksaw, drill press, lathe, etc.

Why did I choose working at COHLINE? COHLINE has a reputation as a good training company and is considered a good employer. Since I am working here, I can only confirm this. We have a great working atmosphere among trainees and instructors and our daily routine is very varied.

Rafael Walisko does his job as a trainer very well and conscientiously. He has a lot of patience and technical skills when it comes to teaching us new knowledge and skills. In addition to that he helps us when we have a problem with a task."

Yannis Wolber

"My name is Yannis Wolber. I am in my second year of apprenticeship as a toolmaker at COHLINE.

Through an internship, a few years ago, I was able to get an insight into the profession of tool mechanic and immediately became enthusiastic about it. Since August, I have already learned numerous job-related skills, such as the use of manual tools (filing, sawing, etc.) and the use of mechanical processes (drilling, turning, etc.). The learning of the job-related skills is planned and carried out in a very varied way by the very qualified and conscientious instructor (Mr. Rafael Walisko). Even work that is not so interesting, is well accommodated and not a deterrent.

My decision to do my apprenticeship at COHLINE was greatly facilitated (if not already decided) by the excellent working atmosphere, especially in the area of training. In addition, our instructor, Rafael Walisko, brings a lot of patience and technical skill when it comes to teaching us new knowledge and skills, or even in supporting us when we have a problem with a task. This is always beneficial for apprentices during training."

In the third year of training

We would like to give you an insight into our training. As a trainee in the 3rd year of apprenticeship, you have already passed through several departments and thus have a great insight into the different areas of the company.  The apprenticeship provides you with a lot of experience, which is useful in your day-to-day work. In each department, you can meet nice colleagues. You also get involved in the varied day-to-day business, as you are assigned your own areas in which you work independently. Furthermore, you can turn to your colleagues at any time if you need support.

Regina Zerbe

"I am a trainee at COHLINE in the third year of my training. My goal after graduating from high school was to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to learn something practical and gain work experience. I wondered what it would be like to work in a company and go through different departments. My opinion, now that I am in my second year of training: Great, a very good decision! This gives me the opportunity to find out what I really like and where I can imagine working in the future. By now I can also assess which activities I like and which I don't like so much. To me it is a valuable experience to gradually get to know how COHLINE is structured and how the departments are connected. Many friendly colleagues accompany my training, and I am able to learn a variety of important things about the company!"

"You are wondering what training as an industrial clerk at COHLINE looks like in the third year of training? Then be curious, because we, Daniel Rehm and Regina Zerbe, third-year trainees, would like to show you. In the third year of your apprenticeship, you have already worked in at least four departments or are starting in the fifth department. This means you have already been able to acquire a lot of knowledge. By gaining insight into the individual departments, you will learn the importance of the interaction between the various departments and understand how the industrial company functions as a whole. You may still have some questions, but there are many nice colleagues who will help you and support you throughout your training."

Tobias Haas & Robin Bonorden

"We are the trainees from the third year of training "tool mechanic". We like working at COHLINE, since we have become acquainted with numerous varied manufacturing processes, such as milling, turning, grinding, drilling, filing, and sawing. We deal with these manufacturing processes intensively, so we can optimistically cope with any task we are confronted with. If a question does arise, our trainer is always there to provide support."

Our former trainees

Raphael Stotz

"My name is Raphael and I have finished my training as an industrial clerk at COHLINE. After graduating from secondary school, I wanted to do an apprenticeship. I started my apprenticeship at Cohline and I am very satisfied with my decision.  Right from the start, you are well received and accompanied through the training. All colleagues are very nice and supportive. The day-to-day work is quite versatile and varied. You get involved in daily tasks and work. During the training, you change departments and get to know lots of new people as well as areas of the company."

Jacqueline Peters

"My name is Jacqueline Peters and I have also finished my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at COHLINE. During my school time I was not sure whether to start an apprenticeship or doing my Abitur like all the other students from my class. Today, I am very happy with my decision. I am doing my apprenticeship and at the same time my advanced technical college entrance qualification.

At first, working life is a big change. However, after a while you get used to it and it's easier to work, since you learn a great number of new things, which you can then integrate into your everyday working life. By going through the various departments, you can get to know the different processes and thus get a picture of the company. You also work a lot with your colleagues, who support you at all times and are there for you."